Summer Festival - 8/10/19


Thanks for the support HOUSE HEAD fans!  THIS YEAR WE MUST TAKE A BREAK
See you next year! 

ABOUT House of Black​​

House of Black, is a division of Black Star Entertainment Group, owned and operated by Julie Black (Black-Peart), along with her husband David Peart.  Black Star's goal is to provide quality productions and professional services to the entertainment industry.

House music has always been a favorite of Julie Black, the company's owner and co-founder.  The first HOUSE HEAD was held in August of 2015 at Oskar Schindler Performing Arts Center (OSPAC), to support the mission of this non-profit organization, "
To create an environment where Essex County artists of all socio-economic and cultural origins may explore, create and communicate their craft in a supportive and nurturing environment; to present works of artistic expression by local, regional and visiting artists in an effort to foster the communication of ideas and perspectives..."  Since then, the event has developed into a sought after annual event. 
It is for the love of this music that House of Black presents the HOUSE HEAD Summer Festival.

Seeking SPONSORS for HHSF events
Interested?  Please contact us:
[email protected] or 973-380-9155